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A large range of traditional and economical styles with proven designs

Discover the importance of selecting the right trays and bowls for your displays. And how they can affect your customer's perceived value of the foods you sell.

For delis, butchers, seafood, poultry, bakeries, cakes and pastries and buffets

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Most made from durable melamine

Black, white or textures and colours

 Australia-wide delivery

In the olden days of fresh food presentation (probably the years before 2015!) it was considered by many businesses that the food product was the hero. And it was sufficient to display fresh food in any tray or bowl. These containers were typically white or black and they were often displayed in a rectangular, flat, grid-like array. Sizes were randomly mixed with the aim of fitting the maximum number of containers in the space available.

Today's way of thinking is that these old-time displays were visually boring, failed to add to the customer's shopping experience, did not respond to customer's changing shopping habits and did little to distinguish one store's displays from those of another. Unfortunately many businesses still use this approach when setting up or renovating their displays.

Classic Trays and Bowls Inserts and Lids Photo

Many have optional inserts and lids

Classic Trays and Bowls Made from Melamine

Most are made from premium melamine

Classic Trays and Bowls Compatible with Risers

Most styles work well with our riser steps

The many styles of trays and bowls listed in this department are a great place to start if you are looking at setting up cost-effective display solutions for fresh food. Select trays with inserts to help you to reduce waste and save you money. Select trays and bowls made from durable materials like melamine to minimise costs over the long to medium term. And add other display products like riser steps to add visual interest to the displays. Create zones within your display to highlight different product groups and to help your customers scan the complete display.
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Many of our customers have asked us to help them select bowls and trays that fit within their budgets. We have now grouped our bowls in three broad categories based on price. 

  • Lower Cost Trays and Bowls ($):
    Traditional designs that have been around for many years. Most are readily available with large stocks available for prompt despatch and delivery. Prices range from low to medium.
  • Medium Cost Bowls and Trays ($$)
    This group includes our best selling bowls and trays. They feature great designs and eye-catching textures that are sure to help grab the attention of your customers. They will increase the perceived valu of the food on display.

  • Premium Quality Bowls and Trays ($$$)
    These trays and bowls are for fresh food retailers looking to create displays that will help them stand out form those of their competitors. Most of these have been designed in Europe by market leaders like Dalebrook. Their premium prices reflect their quality and design excellence. Small stocks and samples are held in Australia but most orders are sourced from the overseas factories with lead times of 3-4 weeks.

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