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These are the most common

  • Why am I experiencing problems with Shop4Shops?
  • Do you have a showroom?
  • Can I set up a trading account? Can you Invoice me?

If these answers do not help please email us.

Why can't I place an order online?

When this happens it can be very frustrating. We use a very, very robust web site creation software program. We very, very rarely do we have problems with our customers ordering online. Our web site is hosted by iinet. Downtime is almost 0%.

We have a minimum order requirement of $100.00 including GST but excluding the delivery cost. If you try and order less than this amount your order will not be accepted.

When our customers do experience other problems with ordering it is generally because they have overlooked one small thing or because they are new to online ordering. To help overcome this type of problem we have created a HOW TO: Order Online from Shop4 Shops information guide.

If this doesn't help please email us.

Does Shop4Shops have a showroom?

Shop4shops is an e-commerce web site. Our business plan is to supply our products through the web site.

We operate our web site from Hobart, Tasmania, Australia for lifestyle reasons. We do have a small physical showroom in Hobart at 79 Hopkins Street, Moonah, 7009. We do not have showrooms in other locations.

Yes, we understand that some customers want to touch and feel the products we sell. Or deal face-to-face with our staff. That is a limitation for any e-commerce site. We try and overcome this limitation by providing detailed specifications, images and information about every product. We can also supply samples of many of our products to help you make your buying decisions

Does Shop4Shops ship orders to other countries?

Yes we do. Including nearby locations that include New Zealand, Singapore and Fiji. Our web site does allow you to view product prices in your local currency rather than $AUD. The currency converter is located at the top of every page. But currently our shopping cart software cannot process overseas orders and calculate the international delivery charges.

Due to the additional logistics involved there is a minimum order requirement of $AUD500.00 excludung freight for orders to New Zealand and $AUD1000.00 to Fiji and Singapore.  For orders to other countries the minimum is $AUD2000.00.

Email us for more information about international orders.

Can I collect my order from shop4shops?

In most cases this is not possible. We hold most of our stock in several mainland order-fulfillment warehouses in several states of Australia. These warehouses are not open to the public. And, for many orders, we may split the despatch to come from more than warehouse.

Can I use my own freighting company?

Because your order may be split and despatched from more than one warhouse this is not practical in most cases. We work very hard to make sure the packing and delivery charges we add to your order are very competitive.

Can I set up a trading account with shop4shops

Our business plan is based on our customers paying before despatch of their orders. Payment can be made by Visa or MasterCard. Or by bank transfer prior to despatch of the order.

We will consider setting up a 30-day account for established business customers that order regularly and spend a minimum of $5000.00 every year. The first order should exceed $500.00 and be paid for prior to despatch.

Email us for more information.

I work for a regional council or hospital. I do not have a corporate credit card. Can you invoice us?

Our preference is for all orders to be placed through our web site and paid for by Visa or Master Card prior to despatch of the order. Many Government Departments find this to be a quick and easy way to order the display products they need. Online ordering will streamline processing of your order and reduce the time before you receive the order. Manually processed orders involve additional processing time.

In most cases we cannot set up a trading account for Councils and Hospitals for relatively small orders. If you are unable to pay by Visa or Master Card our shopping cart software allows you to pay by bank transfer prior to despatch of your order. We can also email you a Tax Invoice for payment by bank transfer prior to despatch of the order.

Can you design my new shop for me?

Sorry. We are not designers or consultants. Our expertise is recommending the right display products for your business.

Many of our customers do seek our input on specific projects, for example, how to improve their deli displays. We can help with recommendations if you email us photographs of your existing displays, dimensions of the display cabinet and a rough budget.

Why do we operate our website form Hobart?

We do it for lifestyle reasons. Tasmania is one of the best places in the world to live. And operate a business.

And now days, we could operate a web site from most places. Mongolia! Iceland! Uzbekistan! Hobart! As long as our customers get the information they require and receive their orders in a timely manner we could be anywhere.

Most orders are not despatched from Hobart. Our stock is held in order-fulfillment warehouses in several mainland states of Australia to ensure our customers recive their order when they need them.

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