What Are Shop4Shops Game Changer Prices?

  • Description

New lower prices across a range of our most popular market-leader display products.


These are challenging times and many businesses need to reduce costs whilst still maximising sales of their products.

Many of our major and regular customers have requested lower prices for our display products. We have listened to their requests and have worked hard to bring significantly lower prices.

We have haggled with our suppliers and the importers of the products we sell. We have twisted the arms of the freighting companies we use. And we have invested in larger quantities of stock. We hope you appreciate our efforts.

The Small Print

There is none.

  • There are no minimum order requirements for these Game Changer products except for the $100 minimum order requirement that has always applied to online orders.
  • Does everyone from Alvins Corner Store to Aldi get the same prices? Yes.
  • Are there Game Changer Prices for all of Shop4Shops products? Not at this stage. Initially they will apply to Fresh Produce, Rustic Display Products and Fresh Food Display Products.
  • Are there even lower prices for very large orders? Possibly. Email us for More Information on Special Prices.
  • Is there an expiry Date to these Game Changer Prices? No. They will continue as long as we have ongoing support from our customers.

Page last updated 21 February 2021