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In the competitive world of retail, capturing the attention of customers and enticing them to make a purchase is a constant challenge. One powerful tool that retailers have at their disposal is the strategic placement of display hooks. Display hooks, also known as pegboard hooks or merchandise hooks, are a fundamental component of visual merchandising. They play a crucial role in organizing and presenting products in a visually appealing and accessible manner.

With their versatile design and functionality, display hooks are widely used across various retail environments, including supermarkets, department stores, convenience stores, and boutiques.

Compatability of Display Hooks

There are many types of Shopfitting and Display Systems that use Display Hooks. Make sure you select the right hook for your application:

Volcano Metal Pegboard

Volcano Metal Pegboard

Flat Metal Pegboard

Flat Metal Pegboard

Slat Grid Mesh Panels

Slat Grid Mesh Panels

Supermarket Shelving Mesh Back Panels

Supermarket Mesh Panels

Slatwall Display Panels

Slatwall Display Panels

Eyeline Alumnium Slatwall

Eyeline Aluminium Slatwall

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Types of Display Hooks:

Retailers can choose from a wide range of hooks to suit their specific needs and product requirements. Here are some of the most commonly used types of display hooks:

Slatwall Hooks: These hooks are designed to fit into slatwall panels, which are commonly used in retail displays. Slatwall hooks offer flexibility in terms of adjusting the height and placement of merchandise.

Gridwall Hooks: Similar to slatwall hooks, gridwall hooks are specifically designed for grid panels. These hooks can be easily repositioned to accommodate various merchandise sizes.

Pegboard Hooks: Pegboard hooks are designed to be used with pegboard displays. They feature a straight arm with a peg that fits into the holes of the pegboard, providing stability and support for hanging merchandise.

Scan Hooks: Scan hooks are equipped with a label holder or ticket clip, allowing retailers to attach price tags, product information, or promotional materials directly to the hook.

Flipper Hooks: Flipper hooks are equipped with a hinge mechanism that allows them to swing upward, providing easy access to products while conserving space.

Loop Hooks: Loop hooks feature a curved end that securely holds items with straps, handles, or holes. They are commonly used for hanging accessories, such as bags or belts.

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