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FRESH produce displays

Studies have shown that great looking fresh produce displays can help a store to attract and retain more customers, maximise sales, increase average basket size across the whole store, and help reduce wastage.

In most stores fresh produce is the first shoppers they see. Its vibrant colours can put them in a positive state of mind.  The more cheerful they are the more they will spend.


How to increase sales of produce

A theme throughout our web site is that, when is comes to maximising sales in a business, there is no single magic answer. But we do know that small changes, when combined, can have a significant positive effect on increasing sales. The products, suggestions and ideas contained in this Produce Displays department are good examples of these small changes.

About Produce Display Products

Readily available products

Proven, effective designs

Deliveries Australia wide

Considering setting up a new supermarket or fresh produce shop? Or renovating and existing one? We have the products and advice to help you maximise sales and reduce waste.

Start with Produce Bins, Ramps and Steps

Ambient Produce Displays
A great place to start

Produce Shelving Tubs and Baskets

Refrigerated Produce Shelving Displays
The next step

Ticketing, Bag Holders, Matting and more

The finishing touches for Produce Displays
Ticketing, accessories and more

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Create Eye-Catching Displays with the right products:

Display Tubs for Produce Displays Photo

With Plastic Display Tubs

Solutions for Refrigerated Shelving Photo

With Solutions for Refrigerated Shelving

Produce Display Curved Tubs Photo

With Curved Front Tubs

Wooden Produce Display Crates

With Rustic Wooden Crates

POlywicker Display Baskets Photo

With Rustic Display Baskets and Stands

Bin Ramps for Produce Displays Photo

With Ramps for Produce Bins

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