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Lids are available for both sizes of Smart Bowls. They help prevent food from drying out or changing colour under refrigeration and shop lighting.

The PETG Lids are manufactured in large quantities to keep the costs down. They are made from thin plastic similar to plastic Coke bottles. They are designed to be a semi-disposable lid that will last about 12 months with care during use and cleaning. These lids have a cutout that allows ticketing to remain fixed to the trays when the lid is removed.

The Acrylic Lids are a premium handcrafted product made in Australia, one lid at a time. This is a labor intensive process which is reflected in the premium price. These lids can be dome or flat topped with or without a notch for ticketing.

The economical Clear PETG Lids are available for 'Small" and "Large" Smart Bowls to help prevent moisture loss. You no longer need to keep replacing cling
film every time you serve a customer.

And the black "Night Time"
are available fpr the
"Small" and "Large" Smart Bowls
to minimise food discolouration
under night lighting.

The crystal clear Acrylic
will protect your food products,
add a professional appearance to your displays but still provide clear
visibility of your products.

The Acrylic Lids are manufactured
to order with either a flat or dome

Optional nothches in the Acrylic Lids
allow ticketing to remain attached to the
bowl when the lid is removed.

Optional metal or acrylic handles
can be included in the custom
design of these Lids

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