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The best quality plastic shopping baskets at the best prices!

Our customer-convenience Plastic Shopping Baskets are super strong and are available in 6 styles and 4 or more colours. And at prices to suit every budget and application. These are the same quality shopping baskets baskets used by many major retailers across Australia.

Our Plastic Shopping Baskets are not just for supermarkets. Other popular applications include produce stores, pharmacy, hardware, school canteens and libraries.

Basket Stands are available to help keep the baskets neat and tidy and to comply with health regulations when used to carry fresh food.

Most of our shopping baskets are sold in carton quantities. But if you require less than a full carton have a look at our Budget Quality Plastic Shopping Baskets

And if price is an important issue when making your buying decision, check out our Shopping Basket Clearance Specials for some special deals on discounted colours and styles.


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 Strategically Placed Shopping Baskets Can Help Increase Sales

  There are no magic answers when it comes to increasing sales in a retail business. However, strategically placed shopping baskets have been shown time and time again to help increase impulse sales.

Why? Customers drop in to a shop for a few essential items and will often make additional impulse purchases until their hands are full. They then head for the checkout.

When there are conveniently located shopping baskets around the shop they will make additional purchases before going to the checkout.

 Applications for Our Shopping Baskets

 These are some of the types of businesses we regularly supply with our shopping baskets:


 Convenience Stores

 Fruit and Vegetables

Pharmacy and Healthcare

 Hardware Stores


 Auto Shops

 Fishing Tackle and Bait Shops

 Toy and Craft Shops

 Pet Supplies

Haircare and Beauty

 Stationery and Office Supplies

 Garden and Outdoor Shops

 Homewares and Gifts

 Book Shops and Libraries

 Lolly and Confectionery Shops

 Equipment Hire

 Sporting Equipment Retailers

School Canteens

 Cleaning Businesses




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