BUY Standard Quality Polypropylene Octagonal Food Display Bowls

The low cost solution for displaying salads and antipasto.

These Polypropylene Octagonal Food Bowls are economically priced, yet made in Australia to ensure they are of the highest quality.

They are manufactured from high quality polypropylene. They are hygienic and resistant to staining from food products. 

Octagonal Bowls can used by delicatessens and other fresh food retailers to create an eye-catching zone within the middle of their display cabinets. Their size and shape makes them perfect to display value-added products like salads. Or antipasto including olives, artichokes, semi-sundried tomatoes and dill pickles. And they are the perfect way to create a display of dips and pestos.

Select from 3 sizes. Black only.

Optional PETG and Custom made Acrylic lids are available.

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SAN Acrylic Octagonal display Bowls

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SAN Acrylic Octagonal Bowls

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Ticketing Options for Octagonal Bowls

4 Cartons:

Octagonal Bowl - Large - Black ** SPECIAL **


Octagonal Bowl - Small - Black

Carton of 24:

Octagonal Bowl - Small - Black


Octagonal Bowl - Medium - Black

Carton of 24:

Octagonal Bowl - Medium - Black


Octagonal Bowl - Large - Black

Carton of 12:

Octagonal Bowl - Large - Black

Lid for Large Octagonal Bowl - PETG Plastic - Clear

Lid for Octagonal Bowls - Acrylic - Clear

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The Minimum Order Excluding Packing and Delivery Charges is $75.00. More information.
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