BUY Standard Quality Moulded Polypropylene Salad Bowls

Fit more product in less space with Rimless Salad Display Bowls.

These plastic display bowls feature a stylish rimless design to help you fit more trays in your display cabinet.

They are made from injection-moulded, high quality SAN Acrylic making them economical and hygienic. They are resistant to stains and are unaffected by meat and food acids.

Use them in your fresh food display cabinets to create eye-catching zones for salads, olives, antipasto, dips, pestos, casserole mixes and more.

Select from two sizes to suit a large range of fresh food products.

These Salad Bowls are available in Black or White. Use just one colour for your entire display or mix black and white to highlight different zones and product groups in your display.

Team with our Acrylic Riser Steps to further enhance the fresh food products on display.

Buy in carton quantities and save.


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SAN Acrylic Salad display Bowls

SAN Acrylic Salad Bowls

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About Standard Moulded Plastic Salad Bowls

Companion Products for Standard Moulded Plastic Salad Bowls


SB-7WE - Salad Bowl - Small - 190mm - WHITE

Carton of 10:

SB-7WECtn - Salad Bowl - Small - 190mm - WHITE


SB-7BK - Salad Bowl - Small - 190mm - BLACK

Carton of 10:

SB-7BKCtn - Salad Bowl - Small - 190mm - BLACK


SB-10WE - Salad Bowl - Large - 250mm - WHITE

Carton of 10:

SB-10WECtn - Salad Bowl - Large - 190mm - WHITE


SB-10BK - Salad Bowl - Large - 250mm - BLACK

Carton of 10:

SB-10BKCtn - Salad Bowl - Large - 190mm - BLACK

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