BUY Standard Plain Food Tickets with Spikes

Food tickets with spikes are the quick and easy ticketing solution.

Our Standard Food Tickets with Spikes are made from tough, polycarbonate plastic and will withstand temperatures up to 100 degrees Centigrade.

Their one-piece construction makes them strong and easy to clean.

These Food Tickets with Spikes are available in two sizes and black or white.

Simply handwrite your product information directly on to the ticket using our special Zig "Projection" and "Painty" Marker Pens. Or, for a more professional result, use one of the P-Touch Electronic Labellers and their waterproof labels.

For information on our Plain Food Tickets with Clip-on Accessories click here. Or for information on our Food Tickets with Push-In Price Numbers click here.



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About Premium Food Tickets with Spikes

Applications For Premium Plain Food Tickets with Spikes

How To Add Product Names to Premium Plain Food Tickets with Spikes

Pack of 10:

TWES1-2 - Food Ticket - Plain - Size 1 - White

Pack of 10:

TBKS1-2 - Food Ticket with Spike - Small - Black

Pack of 10:

TWES2-2 - Food Ticket with Spike - Large - White

Pack of 10:

TBKS2-2 - Food Ticket with Spike - Large - Black

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