BUY Premium Quality Rolling Shopping Baskets on Wheels

Rolling Shopping Baskets provide increased capacity and increased sales.

Increase sales by 20% or more with our Rolling Shopping Baskets.

Retailers know that shoppers stop shopping when their shopping basket is full. Our Premium Rolling Shopping Baskets offer the ideal solution with a massive 43 litre capacity (compared to 26 litre for a standard large shopping basket).

Plus Rolling Shopping Baskets provide a more comfortable and relaxed shopping experience for your customers who will spend more time browsing in your store. And that is why they are used by major retailers stores across Australia.

And now we have a lighter duty, economy model for the price conscious. Click here for more information.

NOTE: These Premium Roller Shopping Baskets have been discontinued. Limited quantities of selected colours are available. Scroll down for more information.


  To find out more or to buy Premium Rolling Plastic Shopping Baskets on Wheels scroll down the page: 


Features and Benefits of Premium Rolling Shopping Baskets on Wheels

Carton of 5

BASK43 - Premium Roller Shopping Basket - Black


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